WTF: social media trends

We go back to last summer’s oddest trends and fast forward to the weird ones coming up.

By Yvette E

It’s soon to be summer and millions of Gen Zs find themselves with free time. As always, this means a new crop of social media challenges are about to pop up on your feed.

Let’s look at 3 trends from the past summer and a few already making the rounds.

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge (last year)

Kylie Jenner lip challenge resurfaced last year during lockdown.

I came across a video of a girl stating she still had lip creases from this challenge and it made me curious. Apparently, you suck on a glass until your lips swell to get an exaggerated “Kylie Jenner” signature pout. Ouch..sounds painful. This challenge first surfaced 6 years ago and now making rounds again.

Taping (NEW)

Cosplaying should not be racially inappropriate.

Using tape to alter your face is as oldy but people are using it in new ways. The fox eye trend was already a racial jab at Asians but now teens are taping the corner of thier eyes in a recent tic tok trend. This one is so new, it has yet been reported. I prefer the scary face taping of old.

10 year challenge turns 40 (new)

The one on the right is the actually person.

The 10 year challenge (instagram) asks yoy to show a picture of you 10 years ago and you now. The newest addition of this instagram challenge is a tik tok filter called old face. Old face takes it to the future – 40 years into it.

Mannequin/picture challenge (new)

Left: tic tok picture challenge where you stand still to confuse people; right: Instagram challenge that mimicks mannequins

Rather you are mimicking a mannequin (instagram) or making people think your video is a picture (tik tok); this one scheduled to blow up this week and possibly into the summer. The weird part, trying to mimick action posses on tic tok.

Let me know if you try any of these trends..comment below.

Happy Mandane,

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