The return of Von Dutch

After the relaunch was holted by Corvid, the 90s brand is back with a full range of products.

By Yvette E

You can not scroll through Depop or Poshmark without seeing a $300 vintage Von Dutch bag sold. The demand most likely convinced the brand to relaunch.

Depop customers sell the brand they thrifted for at least $280. Current versions retail for $169+.

We meet them at Magic, a wholesale tradeshow in Las Vegas, in Februrary. They told us about working with influensters, and how they were seeking stores at the show. The next month, Corvid hit the US hard and the brand disappeared. So what happened?

Like many manufactured brands, when the borders closed, thier inventory was stuck. Von Dutch manufactures in Brazil. Without inventory, there was no way to restock. They attempted to sell straight from the factory but no reviews for the website, Reigning Fury lead to consumer mistrust.

I almost gave up on the now iconic vintage brand, til I came across thier ad on instagram. They were back!!

Prices start at just $149 on the website but the larger bowler bags are missing. These bags sadily will still need to be thrifted.

The trucker hats are $89 on the site and there are hoodies and joggers as well. The brand however still is pushing the reigning fury website.

I got an email from them about getting a free gift if you spend $500 at that website, suggesting that some items have not made it stateside yet.

I get the bag I ordered today and will share it on instagram. Happy a relaunched brand survived the pandemic.

Happy Hump day,



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