The one bag you need

Shopping has become our favorite pastime but we need to make sure we are getting our money’s worth.

By Yvette E

Have you heard about cost per wear? It means to buy things you will wear consistently and hence the value of purchase will increase.

Some times we are such constant consumers we buy things that we think are cool and never wear them. This type of shopping is called impulse buying.

So we have dedicated the next few blogs to seasonless shopping choices that can take you from summer to fall without a major edit.

Check out our seasonless shoe guide from friday. Today, we are just focusing on this one bag. Yep, the bag that you will live in this (🥁) the oversized hobo. Yep, big bags are back! After the micro bag trend of last year, we obviously want to carry our lives again. So here are a few large bags you need to buy now.

Julien leather tote, $148

The color choices are really amazing and since bright bags are in style for fall, the yellow would be your best bet. If you do fear yellow, add a bright bag charm to the brown version for a pop of color.

Paris suede tote, $98

This soft leather simple bag comes in 5 colors with 4 being neutrals. The seafoam pictured above is the best color option for a summer to fall look.

So shop these bright hobo style now and wear them later. As always, if you are rocking a large hobo look, #xlhobotfg and we will feature you on our page. Home looks count!

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