Unisex Styling:Feminize Menswear:Guys Sweatpants

Styling menswear has gotten so much easier then when I started over a decade ago. Men’s sweatpants are super comfy Annnd THEY HAVE POCKETS! So no need to be jealous anymore just choose sweatpants in the guys section that is… Continue Reading

Spring 2019 Trends:Get It For Less:Denim Vest

Hello again readers, We end our Spring trend with one of my fave grunge staples; the denim vest. This piece is surprisingly more versatile then you think as it can be paired with skirts, dresses and joggers as well as… Continue Reading

Curvy Chic:Fall 2018:Slim Fit Graphic Tees

Hello my curvy readers! I love myself some T-shirt’s and always graphic tees; but the ones made for curvier women tend to be looser fitting and boxy ( don’t get me wrong those are great for lazy weekends and lounging… Continue Reading

Curvy Chic:Spring 2018 Wear Candy Colored Stripes For Less!!

Hello my lovely curvy readers, I was flipping through the pages of another glossy magazine when I came across a new trend for Spring; wear rainbow stripes with a candy colored twist. I loved all the beautiful pops of delicious… Continue Reading

Trend 2018:Heart Accessories:Not Only For Valentines Day

Hello Readers, As Valentine’s Day draws near to us it’s the perfect time to look for heart shaped  or heart pattern accessories! I love heart shapes as they are romantic, whimsical and fun to wear. I love how anything with… Continue Reading

Curvy Chic: Get It For Less:Haute Holidays:Long Sleeve Sequin Dress

Hello my fellow curvy readers, The holidays are upon us and with it comes all the holiday parties. Being curvy makes it sometimes hard to look Chic and sexy during the holidays but; not anymore! You can’t go wrong with… Continue Reading

Fall/ Winter 2017:Men’s News:Updated Puffer Jacket

Hello readers In honor of our new menswear Monday’s ( and because it’s officially freezing temps time!) I decided to share with you lovely male readers our picks for updating the Winter staple just about everyone has; the puffer jacket.… Continue Reading