Style files: Nu-Goth

Ditch the skulls and Satanic references for this more paired down style.

By Yvette E

The rise of Satanic references in goth fashion as led to an association of evil with this subculture. Goths are now discriminated against and even TV is beginning to take notice. Shows like the new “Charmed” showed demons in traditional goth clothing.

It is enough for you want to leave the subculture but do not despair, Nu-Goth is here.

Nu-Goth pairs down traditional goth by combining with classic, 90’s punk and of course, alot of Black.

There are overtones of witchcore as well with wide brim hats and witchy graphics. Think moon gylphs, cat faces and crosses.

As for metal embellishments, grommets and heavy rings replace the spikes of traditional goth. These embellishments, however, are just as heavily used.

Since wearing black is the main look of Nu-Goth, it is more work friendly. The look also is extremely flexible. Dress, skirts, pants and jumpsuits can all be worn.

Accessories are less flexible. Fishnet or sheer black stockings are a must. Wide brim hats or beanies are your hat choices. Necklaces are usually simple chain with a charm but are worn in layers.

Shoes are usually chunky soled. It does not matter if they are boots or mary janes.

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