Style File: E-Style

A new take on emo with elements of punk, this style has seen a rise in popularity. Here is how to know if this style suits you and how to get the look.

By Yvette E

Most people consider E-girl style an hypersexualized child asethetic popularize by social media ( Others view it as a milder form of rebellion against sexual norms and the status quo. Whatever, you think it is, the fashion part makes some interesting nods to grunge, punk and emo trends of the 90s.

The ‘e’ in e-girl or e-boy stands for electronic possibly because it’s rise to fame correlates with social media as well as thier love video games.

Graphic tees, stripe turtle necks, and black clothes domimate e-style. People who should try it:

  • Skaters looking to feminize thier look
  • Alternatives who do not like goth music – Emos, etc
  • Wee a boos since there is a link to anime

Tell me what you think about e-style in the comments below.

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