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Learn to make plastic gloves, the best way to sanitize and can a cloth mask really work?

By Yvette E

As some states open up, we have to still take precautions to keep our love ones and ourselves safe. We have curated a few youtube videos to help you out.

Making plastic gloves

I tried sewing these on my sewing machine only to forget about this simpler trick.

Does wearing a mask help?

Stores are refusing entry if you don’t wear a mask and here in the northeast, it’s still mandatory. There has been alot of pushback, violence and protests revolving around this topic. We hope this video helps explain the need to wear them and why.

No Sew Masks

Most of the tutorials I have seen require a sewing machine but I loved the simplicity of this tutorial plus you can add coffee filters into the open part for added protection.

What should I be wearing?

Even though there is no proof the virus can live on clothes, it can live on the soles of shoes according to a recent study of healthcare worker’s shoes in China. So please take shoes off at the entrance of your home.

There are no specific recommendations for clothes since no studies have been conducted but the fact that Corvid 19 can live on plastic and metal surfaces for 2 to 3 days means metal accents like studs could change your risk as well as clothes made from synthetic fibers that are made from plastic.

That fake that mask must be made from cotton fibers makes me think that wearing organic clothes is still your best option.

Any more questions about taking precautions as your states open for business? Check out CNBC for news and regulations here.

Happy Wednesday and stay safe,



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