Social Economics and Trends: Are all trends available at every price point?

A comment on my previous post about trends in a high school atmosphere got me thinking. We all know there are different trends for kids, teens and tweens (sometings called fads or crazes) and adults but are there trends specific to classes. Do the rich follow different trends then the middle class? Do trends change appearance as the price lowers? The idea was even more evident when we look at magazines. I really do not see the same trends high-lighted in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue (upper class), Glamour and Marie Claire (Middle Class) or Lucky (all classes but most importantly shopper class). Here are some trends I think are becoming class specific:

Neon Trend

High-end neon was mostly accents but manufactured stores went full neon color taking us back to the 80’s.

I hate to say it but this trend has already been seen at sale friendly, or cost effective stores like Charolette Russe, 579 and Wet Seal. These stores cater to shoppers with less in thier wallet. I did see the neon trend in early spring in the form of accent colors in Old Navy and Express (Wallet-happy stores) but full neon seems to belong to lower level retail stores.


This trend is mostly seen at red carpet events

I loved this trend but it just disappeared after it got down to Forever 21. I still see it in high-end stores, more like designer and less manufactured. I had to go online to get this trend at the price point that I could afford (still waiting for my purchase from Karmaloop). So this trend seemed for the jetsetter type which probably is why I only noticed it in Vogue and not Lucky.

Lower end stores have turned this trend towards accessories and you can see clear bags and crystal jewelry.

have you noticed any trends that seem class specific or for designers only? Please post any images on our facebook page,


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