Shopping Smarter for Last Minute Gifts

We all work long hours and sometimes mass retail sales offer so much incentives to buy that we end up buying that scarf and hat set that every store has on clearance but what really makes a last minute gift special is the thought put into it. So here are some basic tips to make last minute still special…


The packed stores, the absence of parking and the hoards of cheap discounts with “something for you” incentives are enticing but they can not predict the perfect gift for your family.

Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice. — Dave Barry

Instead, go to the many local holiday markets that offer scores of handmade gifts. In NY there are seasonal markets everywhere including Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair, Shops at Bryant Park and Brooklyn Bazaar. Handmade gifts offer a special touch and even when shopping at the last minute, the thought is there and hence that “last minute” attempt is forgotten.


Some sites drop things in hours depending on your location ( offers 1 to 2 hour shipping in NY and LA) but if you are not lucky enough to live in those cities, shop online at stores that offer in store pick up like Macy’s which offers next day pick up. Target and Best buy are both great places to pick up the items in one day. JcPennys is one store that is not reliable for one day pickup. Nordstrom is new to the pickup in store crew and so we really do not know the time frame. Neiman Marcus, however, offers pick up in as little as two hours if you order by 4pm!


Most of these pick up stores also have apps so if you can’t make it to your computer, then download that app and start shopping for gifts. By not going to the store, you stop yourself from buying things you do not need and are able to focus on that perfect gift. The holidays are not really about the cost but the thought so save the hat and scarves from Old Navy for “Secret Santa”.


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