Preparing for the weekend: DIY projects to try

The weekend at home can be enjoyable with these home hack projects.

By Yvette E

Curtain alternatives

Tired of those same curtains in your living room, bedroom or kitchen? Repurpose it with your bathroom curtains. We are always changing those cloth bathroom curtains so instead of storing them, use them in another area of your home.

Seat cushion hack

Here is something to do with all those old pillows. If you have hard or worn dining room chairs, you can follow these steps to give them a comfy makeover.

  1. you can cut either an old sheet or pillowcase into the shape of the chair.
  2. Either take pillow out of casing or cut to fit.
  3. Glue fabric around pillow and let dry.

Wallah, comfy seat cushions.

Upcycle those plastic spoons

Like me, you probably been ordering food and have a ton of plastic utensils hanging around. We found several DIYs on pinterest on upcycling spoons from tealight holder to mirrors. All you need is a cardboard circle and a glue gun to create the tealight holder. Glue the spoons facing up for a great texture design.

Did you create something fun in quarantine? Let us know by tagging us in your post (facebook/Instagram) and you could be featured on our instagram or on our blog.

Happy Friyay, ?



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