Preparing for fall: Tips and Tricks to stop impulse buying

It is never too early to think about preparing for fall. It is time to plan what you will buy.

By Yvette E

Seasonal shopping is still a necessary and here is how to prepare for it. We need space and the biggest problem; we refuse to get rid of items we have never worn.

So first, go through your closet and put those items you never wore up for sell on a resale app. A good rule of thumb is 2 to 1. For every purchase, get rid of two things. Poshmark, The Real Real, Depop and Mercari are great ways to clear your closet.

Color trends are the easiest way to update your closet.

Next, take a look at the trends which will show up online already. Think what trend will fit into what you already wear. This habit stops impluse buying which leads to a haul.

Some asethetics trending in 2021

If there is a *core you are into (i.e. Dark Academia, Cottagecore, Kidcore, etc); see which trends are worth buying.

Creating a inspiration board can help you decide what to buy and stop impulse buying.

Never go into a store without a plan. Make a fall collage if you want to switch it up and take it with you. A digital one can be made through pinterest and the app can be downloaded.

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