If you like “Stranger Things” add these shows to your queue

We know it’s boring staying at home so here are some Netflix and chill options.

By Yvette E

If you loved “Stranger things” then add these shows from Netflix to your queue.

October Faction

A mom and dad hunters of demons and other ghouls return home from an assignment in Japan with thier clueless opposite sex fraternal twins. Spoiler alert things get weird quickly. As always, this show is based on the comic book of the same name.

Locke and Key

Another comic book made into a webseries follows 3 siblings and their mother (last name Locke) when they move back to their father’s hometown after his death to live in is childhood home called Keyhouse. Trouble occurs when the Locke kids find a set of magic keys and become prey to a demon who wants them.

“I am not okay with this”

Yep, this is another comic book adapted into a webseries that takes place in the 90s. It follows an antisocial lesbian teen that discovers she has super powers that she can not control. Trouble issues when she steals a jock’s girlfriend and he seeks revenge. It doesn’t have many episodes but the last one leaves off like there will be a second season.

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