Harper Bazzar’s New look: Love it or hate it?

Harper's Bazaar's new look

WWD described the new look “Here’s how the new Harper’s Bazaar can be summed up: it’s like the party guest who you recognize when she enters the room, but you know she’s had work done — a lot of work.”

We are avid subscribers to the magazine and found the new format less like a magazine and more like a coffee table tome. The inside of the book also changed. We loved the new layout of “The list” that lovely features IT accessories in a easy to follow and buy format.

The new format makes accessory buying easy.

Unfortunately, we also noticed more opening ads and less content in a seeming bid for the magazine to look more like it’s rival Vogue with over tones of W magazine in Width and not length.

However, we do love the new format of “fabulous at every Age” which removes the segmented review with a more flowing approach suggesting less rigid fashion rules between the ages. The new format also donates more space to trending product placement.

New format vs. Old of Fabulous at every age

The new format for the format for the editorials are definitely more refined with less focus on background like the previous editions.

New editorial format

Tell us what you think about the new Harper’s Bazaar after three issues have been in the new format on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheFashionGoddessBlog. Nocticed any more new features? Post the image below.


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