Ditch the sweatpants for these glam trends

Just like the roaring 20’s, people are looking to dress up after the pandemic. Here are the trends that will help you out.

By Yvette E

Bralettes are back and they seem low key but embriodery looks and sheer overlay make it superlux.

PRO TIP: Pair it with a sheer shirt to get a subdued look.

Capes are now a spring flair. We loved the various lengths that make it easy for you to incorporate the trend into your closet. For classic and casual dressing, the length of Lavin’s cape is just perfect.

PRO TIP: Shoulders are important with this trend so no slouching!

Another holiday trend has made it to summer. Sparkle like diamond with these glitter and sequin infused looks. Remeber the bigger the texture (lame vs. applying glitter or sequin), the more lux the item will look.

PRO TIP: For a more casual wear look for fabric with a shimmer like lame or taffeta.

Happy Hump Day,



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