Curve 2021: Effleure

Scented underwear? The time has come and Effleure has the solution.

By Yvette E

The scents and styles Effleure carrys so far.

Introducing the first brand we met at Curve’s new location at Spring Studios, Effleure.

The brand was launched during the pandemic and it was there first time at a trade show. Past people we interviewed include SoiBleu and Mikoh Swimwear; both became fashion notables.

We sat down with the founder, Virginia Marcolin, about her brand (which means “to caress”) and her inspiration behind it.

Virginia stated that the hardest part was bringing her idea to life which was so unique; it took months to find a manufacturer. She found one in Durascent, a company that usually scents totes and T-shirts.

The underwear is hypo-allegenic, scented with essential oils and the scent lasts 10 washes when hand washed.

The sizes go up to 2XL and come in 3 different styles and 4 different scents. The styles are culottes (aka boy shorts), bikini, and g-string. The scents are Lavendar, Dark Chocolate, Black Coconut, and French Vanilla.

The brand hopes to expand to bras and loungewear. In the meantime, “be your own aphrodisiac” at



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