Cottage Core:My Takes On The Trend:Dark CottageCore

Cottage Core has taken Pinterest, tic toc and Instagram by storm so here are some different versions to try!

Hello my lovely readers!

If you didn’t know the latest fashion trend everyone is getting into is Cottage Core. It’s a relaxed and romantic style that can be described as a milk maid in her cottage in the woods and what she would wear going about her daily life.. Think prairie skirts, peasant tops, floral dresses, linen, straw accessories, floral prints and flower crowns..This week I will cover two versions I fell in love with as well as how to get some pieces for less!

First up is Dark/ Goth Cottagecore..A version where dark floral print, black tulle, skulls and a deep red or dark make up look give cottage core a more romantic and witchy vibe..

Your fashion goddess,


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