Characters you did not know were Asexual

It’s pride month and we are looking at how the A in the LGBTQA+ community is protrayed in film.

By Yvette E

Movies have often protrayed asexuals as prudish, indecisive or wanting “unrealistic” relationships.

You know the type, the guy that pines over the previous relationship and his friends say he needs to ‘sleep it off’ or the girl who describes the perfect guy as “emotional available”.

So we look at some demisexual and asexual characters in movies that we love and keep watching.

Jenny from ‘Ghost of girlfriends past’ (2009)

Jenny was the classic demisexual.

Jenny who described herself as “not like other girls” and how you had to snuggle and stay with her afterwards; is a classic demisexual.

Her outfits were also non-sexual and the main relation throughout the movie was with a doctor. She only had one sex scene.

Peter from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ (2008)

Peter is a typical asexual who pines over a relationship with an atypical girl.

Poor Peter decides to take a vacation by himself to get over his girlfriend only to find she is there with her new boyfriend!

Peter is told to “sleep” it off by his friends after a year of moping on the couch. It is typical for asexual guys to be told that sex is a way to resolve emotional issues.

Peter has no sex scenes but is put in alot of sexual mishaps that leave him very uncomfortable.

Andy from ‘The 40 year-old virgin’ (2005)

Once again, an asexual guy is forced into a sexual relationship.

Andy rather play video games and curate his action figures then talk to a girl. A more dysfinctional asexual, Andy’s friends try to get him laid.

Wally from ‘The Switch’ (2010)

A demisexual who finds his soulmate and switches sperm at her fertility party.

Wally is the perfect demisexual who found his soulmate 5 years ago. Unfortunately, it did not last and he has been put in the friend zone.

Now, she (Kassie) wants to get pregnant with someone else’s sperm but Wally switches it with his own. 7 years later, Wally meets his son.

The fact that Wally still wants a relationship with Kassie 13 years later, shows he is demisexual.

Unlike other movies, his one friend eggs him on to get the girl or move on. He does not recommend a one night stand.

In conclusion, asexality is still seen as comedic and un-natural. I would love to see it treated as a different kind of normal. As jughead once said “Looking at females is bad enough…but looking at undressed females is absolutely the worst”…

Happy Memorial Day,



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