American Luxury brand Spotlight: Brahmin

When we think of luxury, we instinctively turn our minds to Italy, France or England but you can find luxury in your own backyard.

By Yvette E

Handmade since 1982 in Massachuetts

I have always made it a mission of mine to buy American. Unfortuately, most people do not think of American Designers as quality. We tend to think of luxury as high priced European brands despite there being so much designers here. Diana Von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, Donna Karen, Micheal Kors, Marc Jacobs, Rag n Bone, Telfar, etc. relay on overseas rather then people here.

So we decided to spotlight a mid-priced (most American brands are) brand that embodies luxury: Brahmin.

Almost 40 years ago, Jo and Bill Martin started the brand from thier basement and still run the family owned business. The couple admits they were self financed in the early years and could not get a department store to carry the brand.

Handmade in Massachuetts since 1982, Brahmin famously uses texture and color in 100% leather accessories. Each handbag style comes in multiple colors and textures allowing for a unique buying experience. The site says there are more than 100 steps from design to finish.

Prices are reasonable with recent $50 styles in wallets, card holders and key chains. They also have a full range of mini bags. The prices top out at just $600 plus they take afterpay.

Simply, we need to rethink our shopping habits. Rather than buying a haul from H&M, Shein, Zara or Rainbow, let’s pledge to buy one thing from an American Designer or any designer that creates affordable luxury.

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