5 cheap halloween party themes

It is time to think about that halloween party and we have some themes to try out!

Hocus Pocus

Branches, dry leaves, pumpkins and tombstones made up most of the scenes in this iconic movie.

This can be easily be recreated with some fallen leaves and branches outside. You could make a hanging leaf sculpture with a branch and attach leaves to it. A branch, some leaves and some twine.

Turn old clothes to pumpkins with the tutorial here.


The one episode where Monica throws a halloween party is easily recreated with cheap dollar store finds.

Get that plastic pumpkin and fill it with beer. Use halloween tinsel to decorate the walls and make your own costumes like the iconic potato one Royce wears.

Pull out classic games like bobbing for apples.


Ceramic pumpkins, jack o lanterns and severed limbs made up the decor for this episode.

Add severed limbs to vases around the house and add spider webs to the walls.

Hold a pumpkin carving contest with family to add to your decor and then hold a facebook voting to see who wins!

Get ceramic pumpkins from Marshalls for a real elegant touch.

The Office

“Here comes treble” halloween episode is one of the most iconic of the show. You can watch it now on Netflix.

Light up pumpkin garland, pumpkin wall decor and plastic light up pumpkins make up the decor!

Take a trip to Target for these cheap finds!

The Simpsons

This kitchen sink approach to halloween says we just use the decor we collected through the years.

It is the best way to create a halloween party on a budget.

Did you get good ideas for your family halloween party?

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