5 beauty trends to try out this year

Last year, face masks made it hard to wear lipstick, let alone foundation, this year these trends hope to flip the script.

By Yvette E

It has been a while since we posted about beauty. The on and off lockdowns have us all wanting to just be natural any way. This year, however, social media has some trends that has us all willing to try makeup as an expressionary tool.

Eyelashes are back

Courtesy of pinterest

False eyelashes are back and we love the drama. Get them curved or use mascara to curl them. We love Mac eyelashes for this look.

Fake freckles are still a thing

Drawing on freckles are still a thing but use a soft brown pencil for a more natural look. For darker skin, use black pencil then fade with foundation. Pat and do not smear.

Eyeshadow as art

Courtesy of En Blog.

Cloud themed eyeshadow looks? Yes please. Playing dressup with eyeshadow is all the range from the above style to animal print.

Take inspo from your fav doll

Courtesy of buzzfeed

Bratz, Barbie, OMG and other doll brands have sparked our interest in 2020. Doll collecting became a serious passtime and now we are taking it a step forward. This look may be pure instafeed gold but we can not help thinking it could work IRL.

Floating eyeliner

ash_kholm (instagram) via Marie Claire

Wearing eyeliner on the eye lid is still a trend worth trying and yep we love the switch up. The trick here however is to use bright colored eyeliner shades rather than the neutrals we usually use. Also, try liquid and gel tips for a brighter application.

What are some looks you want to try? Comment below!

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