3 Kitsch brands to follow

Whimsy is in short supply these days. We tracked down 3 brands that are bringing it back.

By Yvette E

Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson are brands that brought kitsch to the average consumer way before Charming Charlie and Aldo became house names.

However, with both companies (aldo in Ch. 11 and CC switching to designer collabs); we can not help to wonder what the furture state of kitsch may be. So instead of waiting for another Steve Madden DBA BJ drop, we went out to see what companies can fill the shoes of these ladies of a bi-gone era.

Mary Frances

With bags ranging from $105 to $315, this mid-priced brand is a one to watch for us. The heavy beaded detail seems a steal as well.

The draw back is the bags are a little on the thin side but are worth the purchase as a conversation starter.

Ana Ljubinkovic

Spring 2020

A serbian fashion designer, we love her take on cool kitsch! Tulle, lace and trim are used with reckless abandonment. Heart motifs are used on dark hues. Expect the unexpected. Follow her on instagram at ana_ljubinkovic.


If causal kitsch with a vintage vibe is your thing, then reach for this affordable brand starting at just $16.

We love the prints on thier skirts and simple lace tops. The prints on the sweaters are cute with embroidery themes.

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