Y2K accessories you should be buying

Y2K is a big trend this year and these accessories are returning to the spotlight.

By Yvette E

Y2K is a fashion movement among Gen Z that focus on early 2000s style. The 2000s style relates more to movies of that time rather than actual fashion trends. If you do want to do Y2K style right, you need these accessories in your arsenal. Remember fast fashion was not a thing back then.


The baguette bag became the Y2K accessory but in actually there were some designers that were very coveted at this time.

Juicy Couture

You can only find these bags second hand on poshmark, mercari or depop. Make sure they are not fakes.

Coveted among the youth at that time, everyone wanted a juicy bag. The simple velvet and embroidery jumped out on every corner.

Von Dutch

So in demand, some are back in stock this december!?

This brand made a comeback 2 years ago. A staple brand of the 2000s, the pleather bowler bags in bright hues were in high demand. Check out the brand at vondutch.com.

Ed Hardy

For club goers and the fashion elite, it is a great Y2K look for alternatives.

Rhinestoned and loud, this brand clubhouse status made it desirable.


Tarina Tarantino

Ranging from $30 to $350 you can still find these y2k styles on her website.

The queen of Kitsch jewelry, her pieces went for $150+! Daisy chain necklaces and butterfly pendants were her MO! Shop her items at tarinatarantino.com.

Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace

Vivenne Westwood iconic faux pearl necklace, $195

One of the early jewelry pieces of the brand, this costume jewelry item is currently sold out on her website but secondhand sellers still sale it. Watch for fakes, several knockoffs are circulating.


Aviators and rimless sunglasses were the style and Raybans the provider.

Aviators by Rayban were the coveted brand at the time but most people seem to be wearing 70s style clouds instead of the actual rimless styles of the time.

Remeber, fast fashion was not a thing in 2000s where internet shopping was just taking off and H&M, Zara and other fast fashion brands only landed here after the Great Recession (2012). We had to go to the store to get these items.

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