Work from home: Minimalist Makeup

For those of us who still have to video conference, a minimal makeup look is still a priority.

By Yvette E

We are mostly working from home but for some of us we still need to look semi-professional (from the neck up, the rest can be in pajamas..). So I compiled some makeup tips to help you look your best with little effort.

  • Skip the foundation and use tinted moisturizer instead. If you don’t have a tinted moisturizer, add a little foundation to lotion for minimal coverage.
  • Add blush under eyes and cheeks. If you had some tough nights (especially if you have kids) it can hide eye bags and brighten eyes. If blush isn’t in your arsenal, use a bright eyeshadow instead.
  • Cheat with bright lights. Turn the light on even if it’s daylight to brighten your face on video.

Lastly, remember to not skip that night routine if you have one but if you need to save prouct skip on treatments with sunscreen or were used to combat wrinkles. You won’t need them for few…

Happy Friyay!💋

Stay safe..


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