Winter fashion trends to skip this season

Winter is only 6 weeks away and now is the time to get ready before the cold catches you off guard but not all trends are created equal.

By Yvette E

We love a good trend but we also know that trends can lead to impulse buying and overspening in a time when money is especially tight.

So as everyone reports on fall fashion trends, we want to highlight the ones with a low shelf life. In other words, flash in the pan, only good for this season trends, do not buy. So these are the trends we voted most likely to hit thrift stores as soon as the weather warms up.

Opera Gloves

Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

Elbow length gloves are not ever coming back in style beyond this season. Of course, if you already have them in your wardrobe then buy them in late January and early feb at a discount. Thrift them in March and April.

If this is NOT in your wardrobe, do not invest in a pair. You will end up selling them unworn on Depop, etc.

Glitter infused

Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

If you do not love glamour accents and do not have sequin or sparkly items in your closet, if you live in sweats or have a more classic approach to clothes then skip this trend.

Most Americans hate to stand out so even buying this for a holiday party is a no no. Instead look for more subtle accents for your holiday festivities.

If you are into glamour, then look for these pieces to go on sale in December for the holiday office party season and thrift or buy secondhand in January.

Sheer layers

Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

This trend is probably based on warm weather winter locations like Florida or California but even if you live there, are you interested in showing skin during the winter?

If you are a person who does usually during the Summer and it is not 48° outside right now, then by all means, buy away. Still, because this is such a niche winter item, buy now. Currently, sheer shirts are still considered summer items.

To recap, do not buy things just because they are on trend. Try to see if it fits with items already in your closet. And finally, if you feel you want to explore a trend that you are considering adding to your wardrobe, buy it on sale at the times we listed or thrift it.

Happy Day of the Dead, honor your love ones that have past.



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