Will the death of the old guard breathe new life into fashion?

Fashion is in major need of an attitude adjustment when it comes to size inclusivity, sustainability and transparency. The question is will the death of the old guard lead to a fashion renaissance?

By Yvette E

From Top Left: Thierry Mugler, Alber Albaz, Sergio Rossi, Jimmy Webb, Kensai Yamamoto, Kenzo Takada.

It takes along time to climb to the top of the fashion ladder so this has lead to a baby boomer collection of designers not willing to address the problems of the industry.

We can all agree that fashion needs fresh ideas and that comes from people under 60. We know that most of these designers have sold thier lines (Mugler sold his line to L’Oreal to focus on perfume sales). However, they still held a sway in the fashion industry for just succeeding.

The trailblazers we lost

Of the group, Alber Albaz was the only designer addressing the problem of size exclusivity in fashion by creating a new fiber. He only launched AZ factory a few months before his death. He was 59.

Virgil Abloh’s death was also tragic as he was breaking boundaries in an industry inspired by different ethnicities but never having them lead a house. He died at 41.

The New Guard

Nigo Babe, founder of Bathing Ape, has become the new creative director for Kenzo. He has already stated he wants streetwear to return to its rebellious roots and make the wearer of the clothes the star. He is 51.

Kanye West, 41, is set to helm Louis Viutton Men and has yet to launch a collection so we do not know how he will change the brand but his futuristic vibe will be a stark change from the pop culture view of Abloh. A few years ago, he did express wanting to make Yezzy more enviromentally friendly but we have no idea if he made any steps to do it.

In any case, we have to wait and see since not only designers have passed but also editors (Andre Leon Tally), models, supporters and style icons.

It could be a brave new world for the fashion industry.

Happy hump day



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