Why NYFW is not worth your time

From short videos on loop to boring street wear; NYFW has us all tuning out.

By Yvette E

Despite the belief that streetwear would die and people would return to more refined dressing; NYFW has decided this was going to be a false statement.

I seemed only ethnic designers had a voice this fashion week.

CFDA’s addition of Black designers via its video platform, Runway360 was possible the only silver lining this fashion week. These shows were strangely left off the official NYFW site.

However, in true elitist form, the videos were scheduled to start at a certain time and if you missed the start time then you did not see the show. This attitude was greatly lacking in couture fashion week where you could tune in any time that week and watch all the shows.

Also, despite being a video platform, you were still unable to see more established designers without a direct video link. A feeling of always of the VIP of the VIP. There was a backroom you were not allowed into but you could peek.

Lastly, the videos were dull, uncreative and boring. There were tries of street runways but failed because the streets were cleared of people and of course only the most popular routes were used. There were long winded chats about clothes we did not see. Those who stuck to the traditional runway style, showed uncreative clothing that looked as if Old Navy was the official sponsor of fashion week.

This week, the US proved it is still not ready for a world without runway shows. It will also akways find a way to be elitist about fashion.

In the end, I just turned it off and designed some fashion of my own. I suggest you do the same.

Happy 🐫 day,



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