This thanksgiving my sister and I waltzed into our favorite outlet mall at 6pm on Thursday and shopped our favorite stores. There was no battle royal for gifts, no shoving and no FOMO.


What we missed out on and were glad we did.

This event marked the first time we did not partake in Black Friday. We were home in our beds at 12am and slept through it all. The reason, last year we noticed that the later shoppers got better deals but we also got great deals shopping earlier as well. Some stores held secret sales and others began the deals the week before thanksgiving. Macy’s had a number of better sales including 20 dollar purses on Wednesday that retailed fr 119 to 139.99


Bebe outlet stretched thier sale from Wednesday to Friday.

In fact, I went to bebe outlet began Black Friday deals on  Wednesday which they offered 50% off entire store but on Black Friday you added select deals like 99 dollar outerwear (which were 50% on Wednesday, a much deeper discount).


Then, of course, this year you got the deals online. I was able to make purchases from my phone! So who needs the hassel, shop before the BF crowd and get better deals or shop after the BF crowd and get better deals. Fight among them and you just might end up with dust bunnies for chirstmas.

Happy shopping,


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