Wardrobe cleanup: What’s your style

Like most people, you probably just buy whatever you like or can afford and now have a hodgepodge of garments with tags on them. It’s time to figure out what your style really is.

By Yvette E

Not everyone wants to wear Prada and not everyone loves the bright colors of Dolce and Gabbana or the bold prints of Gucci, and that shouldn’t be everyone’s end goal either.

Your wardrobe should be an expression of yourself and as trends seem to be on constant rotation, it is the best time to look through your closet. Here are three tips to figure it all out.

Courtesy of Who What Wear UK


If Clueless was your favorite movie of all time and the plastics were your fav bad guys then this could be the look for you.

If you are running through your closet and see:

  • Structured pants
  • peacoats, trenchcoats
  • blouses rather than tees
  • closed toe shoes like oxfords but few sneakers
  • colors but no patterns

..then this is your style. For a comfortable look for cinch ankle fabric pants. Get rid of everything else by arranging a swap with your friends.


So you are a tee shirt and jean person but have let others tell you “you need to diversify your wardrobe” which has lead to some bad impulse buys. Here are a list of this to keep that will help elevate your style while still being comfortable:

  • Printed tees or henleys including those with long sleeves and sheer detail
  • Pants with wide legs or cinch ankles for women, for guys wide leg jeans or tailored jeans.
  • Leggings are not pants so add these to your workout routine.

Get rid of the impulse buys by selling them on Poshmark or other site.

I only wear black

Typically, most people shy away from color but you let your friends say you need it in your life resulting in a collection of bright colors and prints you will never wear.

Here are some items from these impluse buys to keep:

  • Neutrals – you can diversify your wardrobe with browns, grays, dark blues and reds.
  • Black and white patterns are a great way to experiment.
  • Patterns with a black background will also be great especially with florals.

Remember that experimentimg with clothes are fun but if they are far out of your comfort zone then you are just wasting money.

Happy Monday (does it matter any more?) ?


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