Vogue Exclusive screening of V

we were invited by Vogue for an advanced screening of Virgil Abloh’s life through the eyes of his friends.

By Yvette E

I have to admit that most of Virgil Abloh’s legacy aligned with his less than enthusiastic contribution to BLM and the blacklash he recieved from the Black community.

They said he stated “Black people are not my customers” but after watching this film, I can say that statement is as true as “Let them eat cake”.

The party was thrown yesturday at the Roxy Hotel by Vogue and we arrived to a open bar (a true one, the kind you can ask for anything) and hors D’ouerves delivered by men all dressed in Black and White.

We were in the second group since social distancing was the idea but was not enforced.

The 30 minute eulogic film started with a cab driver he befriended in Paris and then branched off to comments from Serena Williams, Bella and GiGi Hadid (who cried all the way through the interview), Kendall Jenner and some of his collegues.

I loved the movie because it spoke to Virgil Abloh (aka V) as a man and just a designer and how he did open doors for marginalized people.

A truly beautiful momentum mori to a designer that died before his time.

The film with be shown during fashion week and I hope I have inspired you to watch.

Happy Friday Eve



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