It’s collab season and Van’s Harry Potter collab have left some houses out in the cold.

By Yvette E

Of all the houses featured in the collection, Gryffindor and Slytherin got the best treatment shoe wise but there are other things to love about the collection.

For one, I never seen so many products with the deathly hallows symbol which is on sweat shirts and hats.

If your house is hufflepuff, the black shoes with the badger patch shows no love but your house colors are also in the quidditch slipons with gold wing detail.

The best shoes really are not the houses but the patterns like the maurade map (harry potter was never up to no good as he swore he was).

The checkerboard gray and blue (officially the colors are bronze and blue) in the slipond ($70) for Ravenclaw is okay but since it’s my house feel like it has minimal design.

If you don’t find any thing at all, you can customize a hightop or a slipon starting at $95 since it’s an extra 15 to 20 to add your image.

There are only hats and socks for slytherin and Gryffindor which again seems circumspect. Although, a no show sock set of all houses are available for $20.

I guess I will be customizing my own ravenclaw shoes.

Prices start at 45 for kids and 35 for adults. Check out the collection online.

Happy Friyay!💋

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