Vampire’s wife x H&M

The collection sold out in minutes and here’s why.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of Vogue UK

Between Corvid-19 and lockdown, designing for the collection was done over zoom calls and the designer, Susie Cave, had to manufacture them in her own plants, making for a truly unique situation.

These clothes and jewelry were directly quality controlled by the designer while using sustainable fabrics from H&M thus proving, cheap labor is NOT linked to clothing price AND you can produce affordable sustainable clothes.

If the fashion industry learns anything from this time on pause, I hope it is these two facts.

Now, back to the collection. Susie Cave reimagined her collection in the UK after the death of her teenage son (1 of a set of twins). The Vampire’s wife was named after a book her husband, Nick Cave (who also fronts an Australian Alternative band) was writing but never finished. It was not til the death of thier son that Vampire’s Wife took on the Gothic Romance looks celebrities loved before H&M came calling.

Nick Cave was said to design the jewelry in one afternoon. The brand has never made it’s own jewelry. Thus, the jewelry items were especially rare.

Susie Cave liked the collection so much, she thinks she may come out with a more affordable line called Vampire Girl next year.

So here are the pieces we snagged after a mad dash to our local H&M here in Jersey City.

Everything from the collection went to 2XL. A tee shirt from the original collection starts at $140.

The original brand offers XL on thier tees and clothing goes up to about US 18.

100% Velvet dress went up to 2XL in stores! a rare find at H&M.

Even with 0 stretch (i.e. no spandex) this dress looks good on everyone and yes we do not need plastic in our clothes for fit.

super sheer cape came in 3 sizes when most of the time its a OS accessory!

We loved that there was a L/XL sizing for this cape as well as a M/L and a XS/S. I snagged the dress in the same pattern as the cape.

We also snagged some jewelry as well!!

The jewelry is on Poshmark for resale so stop by if you still want someting.

Happy 3 days to Halloween,

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