Updating that fall jacket

Winter is around the corner so buying a fall jacket just isn’t necessary now. Here are 5 ways to update the jackets you already have.

By Yvette E

These days everyone is preparing for another recession but the smart ones know it’s already here (11.99 for coffee pods!?). We are preparing by cutting back on purchases but we still want our wardrobe to look fresh.

So here are 5 ways to update that fall jacket.


Take it to the tailor and have it either shortened or lengthened. To lengthen, bring a piece of fabric with you that would complement the jacket. If you have a sewing machine at home, you can sew it yourself. No machine or money for a tailor. Use buttons and sew them to the bottom. Cut slots in the fabric you choose to attach to the jacket. Use hem tape to clean up edges. Walla! Shorten by using scissors and hem tape. Leave about 1/2″ to length you want for hemming.

All about the sleeves

Its been all about sleeves recently in fashion and switching up sleeves can add a unique look to an old jacket.

You can even hybrid a old sweater with it to get even better results.


With a little trim off amazon and a spray on fabric glue, you can update that fall jacket. Add bohemian themed trim will make it timeless. Add faux fur for a more elegant look.


Patches and studs are so hot right now. Instead of adding studs one by one, get a plastic stud sheet instead. Stick with thin embroidered patches to easily iron on. The thicker the patch, the harder it is to sew on.


Switch up details already on the jacket. It the jacket has a snap hood, there are places to replace it. Switch out buttons for new ones and you can even dye it a new color.

Updating a jacket and want styling tips? Reach out to use via email, thefashiongoddessblog@gmail.com.

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