Update: Iron Fist

If you are still shopping the deadstock of Iron Fist, the brand may be staging a comeback.

By Yvette E

On April 29, 2021 the brand teased a return with a hand raising from the dead.

The history of Iron Fist clothing is shrouded in mystery with deaths, changes of ownership and lawsuits.

Drew Bernstien, the creative director of Iron Fist, was found dead in the woods on 2014 of self inflicted gun shot wounds. The brand was then discontinued.

Mike Senus and Travis Anderson were said to be the founders of the brand. However, Jason Adams, signed on as one of the designers in 2011 and may be behind’s the brand’s resurrection.

Deadstock has recently flooded the market and we initially thought it was manufacturer’s way of offloading product as they were unable to create new items.

However, thier instagram account has recently hinted at a comeback.

Some people have stated that they have ordered from the website as late as 2019 and either recieved no product or a random refund, possibly being sold to as phishing scam.

We do not know if the Instagram page is the initial owners or a company pretending to be Iron Fist so be careful.

The question remains – is it a phish scam or actually a brand resurrection? The brand was dyfuncted in 2014 but took sales until 2019? The facebook page links to the Austrialian website which is up for sale.

My advice, stick to shopping deadstock until you can learn more.

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