Fall is around the corner so it time to think about cooler days. So what to do with wholly sweaters? We snagged 3 projects to try!

By Yvette E

That old sweater in your closet can have new life this winter with these three upcycling tips.

Make it into separates

Okay so half the sweater is ruined but depending on which end you can either create a cropped sweater or a pencil skirt!

For the skirt, you will need elastic, hem tape and a pair of scissors. Use the hem tape to fold overtop but leave enough room to add elastic and a gap to pull it through. Measure waist cut elastic and while holding one side, feed the other through skirt. Tie ends together.

Check out Pearls and Scissors tutorial here for a more pictorial tutorial.


I know not everyone owns a sewing machine so we are sticking to easy not complicated tutorials.

For this one simply cut the sweater horizontally and hem edge with hem tape.

Sleeve ideas

From pillows to phone sleeves, there is alot of tutorials to do with them. We loved the boot sock idea seen here.

Cut off sleeves, use hem tape on raw edges and your done!!

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Happy Wednesday!💋

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