Upcycle trends for the fall

Repurposing old sweaters is now trending. Here are some trends to try now.

By Yvette E


Two holey sweaters become one good one with the patchwork trend that hit the runway this week.

Recreate this look by sewing together old sweaters. Cut them into squares and then either crochet them back together or use a sewing machine.


Use a sweater sleeve to create a bacalava similar to this Target one priced at $12

These ski staples return to mainstream wear this fall. Recreate these winter headgear by using sleeves of old sweaters.

Cut the sleeve. Tie or sew one end and cut eyes out of the side. There you have it. Sew around edges of opening to prevent fraying.

Opera Gloves

Using soft knits like the one pictured, to make gloves are ideal. Trace your hand on a piece of paper (fingers spread out) to use as a template. Add 1/2 seam allowance to template. Trace template on sweater and cut 4 of template.

Make the gloves as long as you want. People use the sleeves since it is pre-measured in width but if you want to use the body of the sweater; you have to measure the width of your wrist, elbow and where the glove ends.

Create a template from these measurements before cutting it out.

Any other trend ideas you think we should do a upcycle video for?

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