I’m a huge fan of wearing guys clothes for their comfort and I always manage to look cool and feminine while shopping in the men’s section.

Hello Readers

Since my boyfriend starting stealing my menswear people always tell me they had no idea what I was wearing was designed for men. I’m a huge fan of Kpop Streetwear but fell in love with the way the men dressed not the women! So I started pairing graphic oversized hoodies with leggings and combats boots as well as even wearing entire sweat suit looks as long as it was oversized and in bold colors. Since I’m plus size I go for slow m fit oversized pieces so I don’t add bulk and look masculine. So I decided to share some looks and tips this week on how to either steal your boyfriend’s, brother’s, male friend’s, cool dads’ clothes or go shop the men’s section yourself! Just In time For Back To School!

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