With male makeup vloggers popping up all over youtube, we had to know what the average guy could pull off. Guys wearing makeup may not have been new in B.C. Egypt but modern men have fully shunned the notion of slapping on foundation before the go out the door. So if you are not in the rocker industry, here are some makeup you can share with your girlfriend and vice versa.



Okay, they use this makeup on the runway to give a guy a little glow. Guys can use this trick as well. You can just stick to your skin tone ans stay away from the micro glitter formulas. This formula is usually in cream base. For a softer glow, crush powder bronze into your favorite lotion and then add to face.


A favorite of rock stars, it can really widen the eyes but leave the wing tip trend to the ladies. Stick to bottom only and if you are darker in skin tone, try brown for a more subtle look.


Yep, red eyeshadow has graced the runway of many male shows. It creates a more defined brow and widens the eyes. To try the look at home, try a shade closer to your skin tone (no pink untone if you are fair skinned).

If you ladies get your guys to try any of these tricks or if you try them yourself, #unimakeup on instagram and you could appear on our instagram page.

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