Finally we get to the best or the radiest (is that a word) fashion trends just in time to end the year. So here there are and in no particular order:

1. The end to tight and short

Yes!  We say goodbye to short and tight. All of fashion seem to make a round-about turn towards flowing shirts (and long too), tailored suits, and delightfully fits the figure without constriction. With a thoughtful turn towards tailor looks and a more refined style we hope and pray that this trend stays with us next season.
Long Flowy skirt

2. The return of dramatic makeup

We loved the dramatic eye shadows, red lips, and thick eyebrows that graced the runways. The makeup was bold possibly to accent the paired down fashions that were the staples of fall. We saw an embrace of bright colors from deep purples and pinks to bright red lips.

dramatic eyes

3. The return to hair decor

The headband, hats and barrettes came back in a big way! With exotic twists on hats like turbans, it was a great break from just twisted contortions of hair and even flatted those of us who don’t have long tresses. Headbands were unusually thick, bolder and worn in so many ways. Feathers, flowers and buttons were some of the ornaments used and we are glad to say its coming back for Spring!

So that’s it. I can say I loved the concepts of Fall styles and trends. I loved the neutral colors paired with bright makeup and the simple tailoring with sweet designs.

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