Spring 2016:Wet Wear Fashion Part 1:Women

  Spring is finally here and with it comes the eventual flower showers; so what better way to not let all the rain get you down then to do some retail therapy?! It’s time to purchase some chic new rain wear. This week we will be covering rain gear for both women and men. There is nothing like a chic rain coat and comfy wellies to combat the dreariness of dark skies and heavy downpour. We will be starting with women’s rain wear and on Friday we will be focusing on men. We will no longer be blogging on Wednesday.

I know it gets so tiring trying to find chic raincoats with their ugly colors and unflattering silhouettes just make you want to skip going out in the rain all together. Try out trench coats that are water resistant or repellent along with wellies that look more like boots (I love doc martens awesome rain boots that look like their signature combat boots)

Trench Coats
Eddie Bauer Girl On The Go Trench Coat

$104.30 www.eddiebauer.com

Women’s Harbor Trench Coat

$109 www.landsend.com

Ok these aren’t trench coats but they are pack able 

Water proof lightweight jackets! $16.82!!!



Dr.Martens Drench 8 Eye Rain Boots $99 www.amazon.com

Cougar Terri Rain Boots $64.95 www.dsw.com

Women’s Posh wellies Feldspar $89.95 www.nordstrom.com


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