Tips for extending your summer wardrobe

Fall is just around the corner but with another lockdown luming, we just are not ready to buy fall clothes. Here are some tips to stretch your summer wardrobe.

By Yvette E

Been some time since I blogged but the weather cooling down makes me think of fall. The 100° days are now cooler nights and usually this is when I pick a few fall trends to add to my wardrobe. However, the feeling of uncertainity is raring its head as the D-variant sweeps the country. Another lockdown? So instead of buying clothes, I have decided on ways to extend wear of what I bought this summer.

Trust me, the old normal is far away.

Reuse that swimwear

One piece bathing suits are becoming body suits. It is the latest fall trend in the magazines. The idea is to pair the one piece with a pair of low rise jeans to dress down.

Sundress as skirt

Throwing a sweater over a sundress is the easiest way to reuse a summer item. Cream sweaters are trending right now and should be on your fall list.

What other ideas do you have to stretch your summer wardrobe?

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