Thrifty Stories: Kate Spade Sam bag

We are doing a little expose on products you should be thrifting because of thier history. Today we talk about the Kate Spade Sam bag.

By Yvette E

Top: The Kate Spade Sam bag vintage, 1998. Bottom: Kate Spade Sam bag, currently on website.

Thrifting is a great why to keep waste clothings, shoes and bags out of landfills. Still, we must remember that it is our shopping habits more than where we shop.

So we are doing a expose of some pieces you should be thrifty since you should use it as a way to enhance and curate your closet.

One of the biggest recent pieces people are thirfting now is the Sam bag from Kate Spade.

Kate Spade started her handbag collection with the simple Sam bag in 1998. A shoulder bag she sewed at home made from durable Nylon fabric and a snap.

The bag style, called Sam, rocketed into fame among the NY elite; allowing her to open a store in NY.

The company was started from Kate Spade’s husband 401K and was sold to Nieman Marcus in 2006.

The Sam bag represents the American dream and should be a part of any thirfter’s wardrobe or a must have item.

The cherries Sam is the most coveted but you can get the gingham style easily.

Because I want it autheticated, I got mine from Goodwill online that authenticates all designer items.

I got a Black Sam bag from them with a certificate of autheticity.

Happy thrifting,

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