Three summer trends to wear this fall

Summer may be over but uses for your summer wardrobe is not! Here is how to extend its wearability!

By Yvette E

If you bought these summer trends, your fall wardrobe just got pre-polished! Yes, these summer trends make perfect bed fellows for the cooler days ahead. So, save your money for your winter wardrobe instead.

Flair Jeans/Wide leg pants

Flair jeans and wide leg trousers were summer staples!

Wearing these pants with a turtleneck and a cropped cardi makes for a sophiscated outfit. Plus, layering them with leggings and stockings increases wear into the colder month of November!!


Courtesy of L’Officiel

Loose weave knits and camis perfectly lay over or under those sheer dresses you bought! Knits over maxi dresses or turtlenecks make for the perfect understated charm.

Trench Coats

Bright colored trench coats ruled the summer and now fall calls it back!

A bright colored trenchcoat seemed like a necessary splurge this summer so why not take it into cooler weather? Bright colors ruled the runway this fall so no need to switch to typical fall neutrals!

Would you rock any of these outfit ideas? Let us know with #tfgfit!

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