Three fall Men accessories for the daring

Men fashion gets a serious leap forward with feminine touches, gender bending and childlike whimsy this fall.

By Yvette E

Fall is here and we have been diving into women’s fashion for the past few weeks. We can not forget about the guys though. Despite Corvid-19, this fall we have added alot of fresh ideas to fall fashion. Men fashion has even gotten morr gender fluid this year. Brands are experimenting with new silhouettes, using feminine fashion staples and of course updating the murse. If you are a daring dude, try these looks to spice up your instagram.

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The new Bag

Drop the fanny packs and backpacks for totes and shoulder bags. These new bags make getting into your item easier and chicer.

Not into the new bag shapes? Layer mini bags together instead. Tom Ford (bottom right) layered airpods case and cellphone case for a unique and convienent look.

Courtesy of Vogue.

Bit and baubles

Add a little sparkle this holiday season with these baubles.

Hair accessories may be a stretch for the modern male but a simple piece can add real charm.

The real focus is a touch of sparkle. We loved the belt bauble (middle) which gives a sense of whimsy.

Courtesy of Vogue.

Feminine footwear

We always loved mary janes and now men can love them as well. The look seems so punk to me and I feel it would find a place in the alternative community.

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