After quarantine, there will be alot less places to go especially of these stores were on your list.

By Yvette E

10 Corso Cuomo

After just 18 months, this Italian based department store has permanently closed and will not reopen after quaratine statures are lifted. It was one of my stores to visit after quaratine lifted. The stores other locations have closed leaving the original in Milan and one in Tokyo.

Lion Brand Studios

If you are a yarn lover, you knew this store was already planning to close May 1st but quarantine mandates quickened closure by one month.

Nieman Marcus

The first department store to file bankruptcy because of failing clothing sales, we can expect some stores not to reopen. The store just enteres NY officially last year with the opening of the Hudson Yard Mall.

J.C. Penney’s

Already, barely afloat, this chain is exploring bankruptcy options and has skipped payments on debt last week. We can say the certain stores may remain close.

As always, the future is lined with possibilities as well as opportunities niether have to be negative.

Stay inside and stay safe,


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