The swimsuit trend every guy should try

This summer step out of your comfort zone and reach for a coordinated look instead.

By Yvette E

To be sure this is a shopping blog and today is all about the trend of matching a short sleeve shirt with swim trunks. We first saw this look back in summer 2019 but the top was more sheer and the runway was Versace. This time around, the look is more conservative as seen below.

Left: Louis Vuitton Spring 2020; Right: Dior Spring 2020.

Of course, we wanted to recreate this look IRL because sometimes the runway can’t be reproduced affordably but we are up for the challenge especially with pastel colors.

We didn’t find much pastel prints nor sets that were already paired except for fast fashion websites. So we created a look from the same brand that you can pull off!

Left: Bonobos, floral jungle top, $58, with Floral Jungle trunks,$98; Middle: Vilebrequin, Go Bananas print, top, $220, Trunks, $260; Right: Psycho bunny, Mens Hallington S/S, seaport print, $49, Electric blue trunks, $95.

The whole idea is to match print and colors which is shown above. As always, it may be more affordable to take either a trunk or shirt you already have and match it either in print or a solid color if print scares you.

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