It’s not about skinny jeans anymore but it may be hard to style the looks. We break it down for you.

By Yvette E

The skinny jean has ruled our closets for seasons but this season opens up with so much more options and subsequently more body types.


These jeans are not butt friendly or stomach for that matter but if you do spend all that time in the gym then why not?

Pair with crop tops and cool sandals.


These at waist jeans are not for those with short legs but great for those with robust thighs.

Pair with a tee or blouse and ankle boots for a cool girl vibe.


These wide leg ankle length jeans land at the waist and show off the ankle.

The silhouette makes it easy to pair with long sleeve looks and ballet flats.


Finally mom jeans have been de-throned with this versatile body fitting look.

Best paired with flats and crop tops but still hides the tummy and accents the butt.


Embroidery, stripes and hem designs are making jeans more dressy and more acceptable to wear at work and nights out.

Tell us how you rock your jeans with #tfgjeans and you could be featured on our page.

🐪Happy Hump day! 💋

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