The Importance of basics

Basics, an important staple, seems to disappear from our everyday wardrobes. What are they and why do we need them?

By Yvette E

Happy New Year!! We took a rather long break but we were happy to see everyone reading our past blogs. Now, it’s time for some fresh content!

Today it is all about basics! I have been watching alot of youtube thrifters and I have noticed basics are missing from thier wardrobes. I am guilty of this as well. I use to stock pile turtlenecks and cardigans and now these staples are missing from my closet.

So what is a basic? Vogue says there are 17 of them but really it is just simple clothes that can be either dressed up or down with little fuss.

Magazines like to tell you that you need anywhere from 10 to 20 but then there is literally no room for personality if your whole closet is staples so we are here to break it down by class.

Basic Clothes

When magazines state 17 staples, only a few are clothes, most are shoes, handbags or accessories. We think there are 5 real clothing basics: a white tee, a pair of jeans, a button down shirt, a pair of work pants and a little black dress.

For outer wear, alot of magazines suggest a trench coat but really I think your outerwear staple should be based on personal style.

For romantics, cardigans should be a staple while classic should have a few blazers, sporty types should have a few hoodies and alternatives should have vegan leather jackets. I believe only a jean jacket can be a staple for everyone because you can make it your own.

If you happen to live in a seasonal climate you should add these staples: an henley, a sweatshirt, and turtlenecks. These are great for layering.

Basic shoes

Now of course, the basic shoe is up for discussion because shoe styles are based on personal style but here is what people say: white sneakers, ballet flats and loafers.

I suggest you pick only one of these staples that work with your personal style and your feet! I love a good loafer but have long toes so I always have to up a size. I can never wear a ballet flat because I have angled feet.

Also, seasonal staples could include rain boots, snow boots and rider boots.

Basic Bag

This is basically a carry all tote. The style can be based on your personal style. It can be opened or zipped but it has to be a neutral color and have to rounded handles.

Basic Accessories

Basic accessories just means items that enhance but do not overshadow your outfit. These staples include gold loops, a watch and a pair of sunglasses.

So why are basics so important? They can enhance your wardrobe as well as make it easy to dress in an hurry. They can also be a blank canvas to any outfit, allowing you to pile on your own style.

Happy New Year!!🎆



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