The Forgotten Accessory: The Scarf

It’s cold outside so we drape on an oblong scarf but they are having a moment beyond winter.

By Yvette E

Now that I am finally over the turkey coma. I am looking at the scarf in a whole new way. A friend admired my faux fur infinity scarf and asked me what it was called then asked what about the wide one that you can wear as a hood? A snood, I say. Then it hit me, alot of blogs take about how to wear scarves but none tell you the different kinds. These blogs focus on the neckerchief or the oblong but another wide scarf is having a moment across the spring runway, the shawl (no to be confused with a sarong which is long but narrow). So here are the 5 types of scarves.


These are the ones we wear in the winter and it is used in most knoting tutorials. The ends can have fringe, tassels or balls.


These wide rectangular scarves are sold on the streets of NYC during the summer and are considered great way to stay warm indoors. This scarf is actually worn around the shoulders.


These scarves are having a moment and can be used any season, the poncho and sweater shawl (sleeved scarf) are its winter cousins.


These circle scarves can be short and hug your neck and wide enough to wrap twice. A snood is actually a type of infinity scarf that can be wrapped twice creating a hood effect.


These short narrow scarves are just decorative and are used to accent an outfit. I bought a few from Henri Bendel before they closed. I also have one from Coach. These are strictly suited for spring.


These scarves are meant to wear around the hips and are related somehow to the shawl. They are usually worn with swimsuits.

For next year, get your hands on a neckerchief because these scarves are having a moment but not just on the neck…in the hair!

As always if you rock this scarf hair trend, #tfgsh and you could be featured.

Happy Hump day!💋


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