The runway isn’t just about the clothes anymore. We picked 3 runway makeup looks you can wear IRL.

by Yvette E

Next season’s makeup range from accenting a single feature to just plain minimalist that Meghan Markle made so famous.

The focus on past shows has been the lips but this season we are dressing our eyes. Here are the three runway makeup looks you should be trying right now!!

Line Minimal: Casual/classic

A soft eyeshadow with a black liner really defines the eyes and a naked lip makes it seem fresh and bold at the same time.

It is also great for classic and casual attire.

Pop of color: Romance/Vintage

At Siriano, we loved the subtle swipe of color eyeliner around the lid area only allowing the eyebrows a seat at the table. Mascara is also applied liberally.

I can image lighter tones for days and more sparkle at night. Use deep pinks and bright greens if you have darker skin and remember this is eyeliner so it will not be chalky.

Gray Smoky Eye: Alternative

My fellow blogger has just started rimming the bottom of her eyes and in Japan color on those eye bags is a now trending.

The key to notice is the color fades towards the brows.

Happy Friyay!!💋

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