The Color Purple

purple has been used in solidarity with many people dying their hair purple during the pandemic. Purple doesn’t show up on webcams so is it a quiet protest or is their a bigger picture?

By Yvette E

Purple hair is trending but why?
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The meaning of purple

According to, it was attributed to royalty and wealth:

During the 15th century, the city of Tyre along the coast of Ancient Phoenicia began producing purple dye by crushing the shells of a small sea snail. The resulting color became known as Tyrian purple and was so well-known it was mentioned in Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid. Alexander the Great and the kings of Egypt also wore clothing colored with the hue.

This connection with royalty was not just restricted to ancient times. It was the color of choice for tickets to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

The hue also represents wisdom and spirituality. A rare and mysterious nature perhaps causes it to seem connected to the unknown, supernatural, and divine.

It’s not about wealth

The color is linked to wealth, privilege and royalty but the dyeing your hair a color that does not show up on video possibly means this unrest of the American public was boiling for a long time.

Several groups have used color to appeal to a cause. Examples include yellow for the extinction movement, pink for women’s right and black for democrat women at the Trump inauguration.

So what is behind the purple hair? An act of solidarity for all those following the rules of staying home or rebellious?

So what does it all mean?

On the beauty front, the color is associated with long life (longevity). Perhaps, it was not about rebellion but simple endurance. The belief that this is a temporary stop and there will be a return to wealth in America once this is all over.

Did you dye your hair purple during the pandemic? If so why? Please comment below and we will share your stories on our new instagram page!

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